Christchurch (Rolleston)

With a Kumon Franchise you can focus on helping children who really need support with their learning, while we support you to run your own business.

New Location

Rolleston is a town located in the Canterbury region of New Zealand, situated just outside the city of Christchurch. Over the years, Rolleston has experienced significant population growth, largely due to its proximity to Christchurch and its appeal as a residential area. It has become one of the fastest-growing towns in New Zealand.

Rolleston offers a range of amenities and services, including schools, shopping centres, recreational facilities, and parks. Its strategic location near Christchurch also provides residents with access to employment opportunities and other urban amenities.

The town has seen considerable development in recent years, with new residential subdivisions, commercial developments, and infrastructure projects contributing to its growth.

Overall, Rolleston is known for its family-friendly environment that has a significant potential for a Kumon Centre to thrive in the area. Kumon, known to offer individualized study plans for its students, would be well-positioned to succeed in this community.

Join us in creating a positive impact on education in Rolleston while embarking on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey.