What kind of training and support is available?

At Kumon we take pride in our sense of community and supportive environment. It is a key priority that all franchisees receive strong support from the company. We have a thorough training programme for franchisees before they open their Centres, as well as intensive, personalised support after opening.

There is also a system of ongoing support, including networking opportunities with other franchisees. A personal consultant from Kumon Australia and New Zealand is assigned to work closely with each franchisee in the development of their business.

New Franchisee Training

Our New Franchisee Training is an enjoyable, interactive and intensive introduction to the day-to-day work of a Kumon franchisee. Training consists of 10 days of group study sessions held online over a three-week period in addition to some self-study of Kumon worksheets. This is a great chance to meet other new trainees and consolidate the learning from your own pre-study. During this time, we also incorporate business and operations training with short meetings focusing on setting up your individual centre.

Intensive support in the first year

We know that our franchisees face a steep learning curve in the months after the business opens, and we have a system in place to support. This includes formal Follow-Up Training sessions in the first month after opening, which continue every three months up until the one year anniversary of a new Kumon Centre.

This ensures that the skills learnt in New Franchisee Training are consolidated and applied in order to provide all of your students a quality learning experience.

An assigned consultant to help you grow your business

As we strongly believe in forming mutually beneficial partnerships, every franchisee is assigned a consultant to help them improve their practice and to sustainably grow their business.

These consultants are based in each state office and have extensive experience in working with Kumon franchisees and developing their Centres.

As well as being the first point of contact if a franchisee has queries or concerns, our consultants work to support franchisees with many aspects of their business. This is determined by the individual circumstances of each franchisee and Centre, and always in consultation with the franchisee.

Many professional development and networking opportunities

Kumon franchisees develop their knowledge and learn from each other through a range of professional development initiatives. Such opportunities include monthly seminars, national and international conferences, mentoring programmes that match our most successful franchisees with those looking to grow their Centres, and study groups that are designed to develop the highest level of product knowledge in targeted areas of need.

Trapti - joined Kumon March 2014


Since joining Kumon, my Franchise Development Consultant, Leandra, has been my main point of contact. The first year was all about induction. Leandra was there with me for all of my firsts which gave me a lot of courage and strength. She visited my centre very regularly and provided suggestions for improving student outcomes, and in turn, my business. At the start, we would spend a lot of time meeting face to face, but over time that has changed. We have built a strong mutual understanding, and Leandra knows my centre and my students so well from her visits so we don't need to spend as much time talking. Leandra knows what I'm trying to say, and I know what Leandra is trying to say.

Even though Leandra provides many helpful suggestions, she has always left it up to me to decide what is best for my students and my centre. This is because she knows that I work with my students every day, and I know them best. I really appreciate that she is there when I need her as her presence empowers me to make decisions in situations that are new to me. Because Leandra really supports my learning, I feel confident, stronger and better able to deal with issues that may arise in the future. It's really important to keep learning as a Kumon franchisee because every child is different and every child poses their own challenge.

Even though I have one main point of contact in the Kumon office, the other staff members have also been really supportive. The staff in our stock, reporting and Public Relations teams have always treated me as an individual and made me feel like they are working for me. I feel that the Kumon office has a very open door approach. It's been a fantastic journey, and I really value my relationship with the staff in the Kumon office.

Dianna - joined Kumon October 2006
Participant, Kumon Mentoring Programme 2016, 2017


Mentoring takes you out of your comfort zone; it allows you to accept positive and constructive criticism to improve your instruction and be exposed to the different strategies and styles of other franchisees. You are in a great environment with people of differing years of experience which allows you to draw different ideas that you can use to improve your centre. For example, I've further developed my communication with families, particularly those families with students starting a new level, and because of this I've been able to better help parents improve their child's home study. I've also enhanced my communication skills with my staff, allowing me to bolster the instruction and service at my centre.

Since joining the mentoring program in 2016 I have continued to learn more and improve my centre.