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About Kumon

What sets Kumon apart from other franchises?


Strong brand awareness and reach

Kumon Australia and New Zealand has experienced consecutive annual growth since 2008. We are present in every capital city; have been featured in various media, including national news broadcasts and every metropolitan newspaper. We have also been involved in significant national partnerships.

Being a Kumon franchisee means being part of an established market leader in the education industry.

Kumon franchisees don't have to purchase their product

Owners of many other franchises are required to pay for their stock as an extra cost that isn't covered by their royalties.

However, the cost of our product (the Kumon worksheets) is covered by the royalties paid by our franchisees. This includes shipping for up to two orders every month, meaning you will always have the necessary materials to run your business.

A close, supportive relationship with the company

You will always feel supported as a Kumon franchisee. We believe a strong connection to each other is central to our strength as a franchise network. We have established a strong system of support for franchisees. You will be assigned a dedicated consultant who will support you to grow your business. You will also have access to dedicated support from our public relations, operations, human resources, accounts and IT teams.

Additionally, we provide frequent structured opportunities to bring our franchisees together for learning opportunities and to support each other in growing their Kumon Education Centres.

Build a rewarding and fulfilling small business

As a Kumon franchisee, you will have the opportunity to experience the personal rewards of your students' progress and achievements, coupled with the growth of your Kumon Education Centre from your own hands-on work.

Kumon franchisees are passionate professionals who personally manage the operation of their Centre, giving a high level of personal service to families through the education they provide.

Low start-up cost and overheads

The franchise fee to open a new Kumon Education Centre is only $5000 AUD, much lower than other franchises. The most significant costs you will consider are your royalties, rent, staff wages and local community marketing.

A dedication to ongoing learning

Learning from children is a distinguishing feature and tradition of Kumon. Just as we believe our students have boundless potential, we believe we ourselves have the potential to develop our programmes and instruction to be even better.

We are always reflecting on our work, learning from our experiences with students, and asking ourselves how we can improve so that students can benefit even more from the Kumon Method. This dedication to ongoing learning ensures that your work remains dynamic and challenging throughout your Kumon career.

Vijaya talks about her professional development with Kumon